N. Gager* iPhone PreviewIt gives me great pleasure to announce the availability of a new iOS app, N. Gager* for data.com. Data.com is part of Salesforce.com and provides access to the contact details of more than 30 million business professionals. Contacts are provided by Jigsaw.com.

With N. Gager*, you can now search and download Jigsaw contacts directly to your iOS device, making the contact information immediately available for you to engage with the people you’re looking for. This new release comes with first class security features that include AES 256-bit encryption, optional security key authentication and an auto-lock feature that ensures your business data remains private and secure at all times.

N. Gager* also integrates with the iOS Contacts App enabling you to automatically save the data you download directly with your other contacts. Every time you download a contact update from data.com, the information in your iOS Contacts App is updated too. For more information on other N. Gager* features please head over to ngagerapp.com or download it from the App Store now!



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